Identity Ventures
Dennis Hamilton - Venture Partner

Dennis Hamilton has over 32 years experience in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and supply chain, logistics and safety. 


Prior to joining Orb Partners, Dennis was Plant Superintendent of Multicolor Specialties, Inc. a multi-million dollar manufacturer of paints and chemical coatings.  Dennis has extensive knowledge of quality manufacturing and the quality and safety procedures associated highly flammable ingredients.   


Dennis began his manufacturing career in 1975 when he joined Barrett Varnish company, as a laborer.  After graduation, he quickly climbed the corporate ladder to Plant Superintendent. 


In 1990 Barrett Varnish formed another company, Multicolor Specialties, Inc.   Dennis  was promoted to Superintendent of the new company and was instrumental in acquiring the manufacturing and warehousing facility.  Dennis re-designed the factory and oversaw the construction of the manufacturing plant, warehouse and distribution facilities. 


Dennis’s expertise, knowledge and implementation of OSHA, DOT, and HAZMAT regulations ensured an unparalleled safety record at Multicolor Specialties. 


Multicolor Specialties customers include, Sherwin Williams, Glidden and General Motors.


Dennis also holds a black belt in martial arts, is an expert marksman, and is a certified Emergency Medical Technician, as well as a certified Illinois Professional Emergency Manager.  Dennis is also Captain of the Plainfield Emergency Management Agency.